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I finished, utterly finished, edited and all, Everyday Love in Stockholm today, and it is now posted in its entirety to both the XMFC Kink Meme and to AO3. Feeling very floaty and nervous and excited at the same time, waiting for feedback.

...it's 132,000 words long. I have been writing it for six months. And now it is done. Oh my God.

I think I might take a while to get used to the idea that it's finished. My brain keeps reaching for the next scene, and there is no next scene to be written. (This is only the second time ever I have finished a long project, and the first one was a) when I was 17 and b) only a first draft I never edited into shape. So this is... a very big deal.)

PARTY TIME. AKA sit and stare at email program until first review comes in time.
Tags: dear god, everyday love in stockholm, my fic, oh my god it's finished what, slash, writing, x-men first class, xmfc
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